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Parade is a VR animation studio that produces tailor-made experiences.
Our mission is to create quality narratives with meaningful storytelling and powerful messaging.

Our stories blend fantastic tales with lived experiences.
We partner with clients and creators that share our values of authenticity,
inclusivity and a zest for life.

Featured Projects

Lifetime Achievement
Albert, a world-class French designer, brings you along as he recounts how he made his greatest masterpiece for his mother. On his quest to use the finest materials and the most avant-garde techniques, you encounter an African albino crocodile, dive into an Indonesian cave for rare crystals, develop new lifeforms in a lab, and capture light rays from a spatial solar eclipse.
With his mother’s birthday around the corner and so little time, it’s easy to see how Albert lost sight of what matters most.
Length: 15 minutes

Audience: All ages
Mother of Pearl
is a unique collaboration with Placebo DFH,a leading digital fashion brand.In the VR experience, the audience meets Albert, a top-tier fashion designer who was first introduced in the short film "Lifetime Achievement". Albert presents a brand new digital fashion collection in an underwater fashion show that's only possible in VR.With a little help with miraculous creatures called "Placebo", the garments are created in front of the audience's eyes.
Length: 6 minutes

Audience: All ages

In Development

A colony of adorable shroom-creatures learns a valuable lesson in communication. 
300 years into the future, Sarah, a space-botanist, 
is on a mission to resurrect Earth's devastated eco-system.
But then, love gets in her way. 
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