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There are 3 key element in our DNA: Storytelling, Art and Innovation. 

Our pitches always start with:

"This has never been done before, but what if..."

Lifetime Achievement

An original VR animated short (15 min).

World-class French designer Albert, is on a quest to create his greatest masterpiece for his mother. Join him on a whimsical adventure to use the finest materials and the most avant-garde techniques. Encounter an African albino crocodile, dive into an Indonesian cave for rare crystals, develop new lifeforms in a lab, and capture light rays from a spatial solar eclipse. With his mother’s birthday around the corner and so little time, it’s easy to see how Albert lost sight of what matters most.


Mother of Pearl

VR animation meets Digital Fashion.

Albert presents a digital fashion collection that he created together with miraculous creatures called "Placebo". In an underwater fashion show, you'll see the garments being tailored in front of your very eyes. Made in collaboration with Placebo DFH.



A commercial campaign for Soda Stream celebrating Pride Month, featuring Laverne Cox.



An in-game Halloween event featuring our short "Nightmare in the Morning"



A collection of short hand drawn animated films.



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