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Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a unique collaboration with Placebo DFH,
a leading digital fashion brand.

In the VR experience, the audience meets Albert, a top-tier fashion designer who was first introduced in the short film "Lifetime Achievement". 
Albert presents a brand new digital fashion collection in
an underwater fashion show that's only possible in VR.
With a little help with miraculous creatures called "Placebo", 
the garments are created in front of the audience's eyes.

The digital fashion collection is sold on 

The Collection

The Mother of Pearl digital fashion line is an exclusive drop made by Placebo DFH.

Inspired by the beauty of the deep seas, the collection features an elegant aquatic-inspired palette and silhouettes that follow the majestic shape of corals and seashells, the jewels of the sea. Ultimately, coming together to form the elevated outdoor-glam collection that integrates buckles, quilt techniques, and trims.

We pride ourselves in sharing that the Mother of Pearl collection was intended to be genderless and sizeless. (1).gif (3).gif (2).gif

How Does Digital Fashion Work?

Our digital clothes are high-end 3D models made of pixels and code. They do not have a physical form and can only be worn digitally.  

The digital fashion consumer uploads a picture of them to the digital store's website and picks a digital garment that they would like to wear. 
The digital store "dresses" the consumer in the digital garment. They match the size, pose and lighting in the original picture. 
The result is a picture of the consumer wearing an extravagant simulated look.  

AR Filter

Try on a special edition Mother of Pearl AR filter on Snapchat.
It's free!
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