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Parade is an animation studio based in Los Angeles that was founded in 2019

by CalArts graduate and former Disney animator Yonatan Tal.  The company produces original, exciting, and inspiring stories that tug at the heartstrings for VR audiences. With a globally distributed team that reflects its diversity as immigrants, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+, Parade’s stories blend fantastic and imaginary tales with personally lived experiences. 



Yonatan Tal
Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Yonatan is a writer, director and animator.

Born and raised in Israel, Yonatan moved to California to pursue a BFA in the prestigious Character Animation Program at CalArts.


Right after graduating, Yonatan started working in the development department at Disney Television Animation. At Disney TV, Yonatan was mentored by show-runners of "Tangled The Series" and worked as a versatile artist on various TV show pilots, as well as on TV shows in production, such as “Monsters at Work” (Disney+) and “Amphibia.”

In 2018 Yonatan was included in Animation Magazine’s Rising Stars list.

Yonatan is passionate about emotionally-driven storytelling. His background as an immigrant as well as LGBTQ themes, often dominate Yonatan’s films. In his work, Yonatan strives to convey strong messages in an entertaining way with a fundamental belief that art can change people’s hearts.

Yonatan’s mission is to move the world forward both socially and technologically. 

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“I hope that this technological evolution will bring a change in storytelling. I see myself as a part of the change in leading this transition. I am certain that in 10 years the industry will look nothing like what we know today!”

Mercedes Milligan,

Animation Magazine


"Disney XD Sets Channel’s First-Ever Student Short Broadcast.
Network to premiere director Yonatan Tal’s diva-inspired animated ‘Nightmare in the Morning.’ "

Dan Sarto,

Animation World Network


“Yonatan Tal fused traditional style and provocative substance to craft a dramatic vignette in which gay characters try to sort out their relationship.“

Hugh Hart,

Fast Company

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 5.14.47 PM.png


"The most important value for me when I create is authenticity. Even in a high-concept piece, I have to make sure that in the core of it, there’s a grounded idea, a relationship or an emotion that
I know well."

Voyage LA



"His award-winning graduation film, “Mr. Carefree Butterfly,” is a sometimes surreal-looking but very realistic tale of a young gay man assessing his priorities..”

Bob Strauss,

Los Angeles Daily News


Ziporen Hazum
Creative Producer & Production Menager

Ziporen is an international Creative Producer with vast experience in content production such as VR, AR, interactive video, location-based entertainment, e-commerce, volumetric capture, TV, branded content, commercials, and music videos.

She worked with renowned brands and clients like the United Nations, Global Citizen, AMC Networks, Microsoft, Meta, Brut Media, Vice Media Group, PwC, McCann, Publicis, BBDO, Walmart, Nespresso, and Refinery 29. Ziporen is driven by her passion for experimental entertainment and how it can be harnessed to better people's lives through immersive, personalized, emotionally impactful interactive experiences.

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Daniel Markovich


Daniel Markovich is a distinguished L.A-based composer and orchestrator with a unique, yet versatile sound. He studied in the music academy at Tel Aviv University and Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he continued his composition studies. His works are regularly played on television and have been screened in major festivals around the world, including Cannes Film Festival and Viennale Film Festival.

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