Parade is a VR animation studio that produces tailor-made experiences for the Metaverse. Our goal is to move VR storytelling forward with fresh, original, and relevant stories that speak to us on a personal level.



Mother of Pearl

A VR experience made in partnership with Placebo DFH, 
a leading digital fashion brand.

Albert, a fashion designer who was first introduced in "Lifetime Achievement", presents a new collection of digital fashion in an extravagant underwater runway show.  


Lifetime Achievement

A VR animated short (15 min).

World-class French designer Albert, is on a quest to create his greatest masterpiece for his mother. Join him on a whimsical adventure to use the finest materials and the most avant-garde techniques. Encounter an African albino crocodile, dive into an Indonesian cave for rare crystals, develop new lifeforms in a lab, and capture light rays from a spatial solar eclipse. With his mother’s birthday around the corner and so little time, it’s easy to see how Albert lost sight of what matters most.

“Former Disney Animator Launches Parade VR with Oculus Short.”

Mercedes Milligan,

Animation Magazine



"We’re excited to introduce Lifetime Achievement, a Tex Avery – and Chuck Jones-inspired animated film created in VR with Quill.”

Oculus Blog

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“At just 30 years old, Tal is suddenly one of VR’s top directors, making the story behind the VR narrative interesting and dramatic as well.“

Charlie Fink, Forbes



"Parade is able to confidently and effectively lead the viewer through a series of fantastical set-pieces before delivering a touching reminder on the importance of time over material obsession.”

Oculus Blog

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“The new virtual reality project, created entirely with Oculus’ VR native animation platform, is a whimsical tale about balancing work and family that immerses the viewer in a vivid and glittering wonderland.”

AWN Staff Editor