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Immersive Music Video 

Back in the 1970's, video killed the radio stars.
In our day and age, music videos need to make another leap forward
and adapt to cross-platform 


We conceptualize the idea for the music video together with the client, 
and take it all the way from script writing and concept design to animation and final rendering.
Our goal is to create visuals that suit the song and the artist in their
style, tone, and message.
The same assets will be used across different spaces and adjust to their specific formats and creative language.
Imagine a live performance where the
stage and the outfits change in a glimpse, and the laws of physics don't apply.
A Virtual Reality version of the video would feel like a combination of a traditional music video and a live performance.
The audience is present inside the world of the music video and has agency to choose where to look in 360°.




Augmented Reality brings characters and set pieces outside of the music video and into the audience's home. All that's needed is a smartphone. 

The animated avatar can perform parts of the song in the fan's living room, or be a tiny character that travels along the fan's desk. 

Social Media

The animated character and the AR filters can be utilized to create content for Snapchat,
TikTok and Instagram
On top of the immersive versions we will create a traditional video version of the music video, that will be accessible to anyone on Youtube as a regular video or a 360 video. 

Video / 360

Motion Capture

With motion capture and face tracking, we're able to record dance moves
and acting instantly and apply the motion to animated characters.
This way, the artist's exact movements and facial expressions
can be performed by their animated avatar.

In dance parts, instead of casting dozens on dancers,
one dancer can record choreography for multiply characters.

Virtual Music Experiences
Are Already Here

Some of the biggest names in music have already created their own
virtual concert experiences in platforms such as Fortnite and Wave.
Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, The Weekend, Marshmallow, Post Malone and Justine Bieber have all pioneered in the space, and created brand new ways to engage with their audiences.
The 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) added a new category to its list of competition categories. This year, artists are eligible to compete under the category of “Best Metaverse Performance” for a coveted award.

Nightmare in the Morning

Our music video Nightmare in the Morning was made for a pop song by a fictional alien artist.

Nightmare in the Morning has earned a cult-position amongst its fans. 
It was features on Disney Channel in 2018 and in Fortnite in 2022. It was also selected to numerous film festivals and was honored as a "Vimeo Stuff Pick".
We're looking forward to creating the next generation of music videos.
Let's connect and get creative.


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